Sound Oasis Travel Relaxer



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An easy-to-use, portable tinnitus sound therapy system. It includes special sounds designed to help with jet lag, an alarm clock, and voice memos.

Using the S850 Sound Oasis Travel, you can relieve the audible symptoms of tinnitus and reduce the stress that makes it worse.

Key Benefits:
  • Choose from 18 relaxing therapy sounds to soothe your tinnitus
  • Includes a sound specifically developed to help your body adapt to new time zones
  • Dual time display to show local time as well as the time at home
  • Fully functional alarm clock, that can wake you with alarm buzzer, tinnitus therapy sounds or a custom pre-recorded message
  • Voice memo option for recording your own custom alarm sound or memo
  • Timer option 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Headphone connection for headphones or pillow speakers
  • Can be battery powered (requires 4 x AA batteries)

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