Phonak Roger Neckloop - 03 version



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Bringing conversations closer together
The simple and ubiquitous Phonak Roger NeckLoop (Type 03) receiver is compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant that has a Loop Programme/T Coil. Non-hearing aid users can use headphones to improve voice clarity.

Adults, students, and children over the age of eight wear the Roger NeckLoop around their necks to gain access to the whole Roger microphone transmitter range and the benefits of Roger technology in loud conditions and over long distances.

Designed for everyday use

The Roger Neckloop makes the advantages of a radio aid system accessible for every day use in the home and out-and-about. 

With its light weight and detachable neck loop in two lengths, it is comfortable to use for both adults and children.

The Roger NeckLoop type 03 receiver is for use with Roger Select, Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters - please note that type 03 receivers cannot be used with Roger touchscreen transmitters. 

Easy to use
The Roger NeckLoop 'hears' the speaker's voice loud and clear; even in noisy surroundings, when communicating over a distance, or in reverberating rooms. The Roger NeckLoop is used with a wireless transmitter (not included) which picks up your partner's voice and instantly relays it to your Roger NeckLoop by a digital Roger radio signal.

The Roger NeckLoop transforms the signal and sends it directly into your hearing instruments via the wireless loop program (telecoil) link.

Once connected to a Roger microphones it stays connected. Just switch it on and it lasts for 10 hours.

We do not generally recommend NeckLoop for the education sector due to the limitations of T-coil technology. However there may be certain circumstances when the Roger NeckLoop is the only practical alternative.

Features :

  • compatible with all brands and styles of hearing instruments with a Loop Programme or 'T'-coil - both in-the ear and behind-the-ear
  • Roger digital technology
  • Over 10 hours operating time
  • 3 hours charge time
  • no audio input shoes required
  • good sound quality 
  • USB C audio interface
  • no need to have one receiver unit per hearing aid, unlike the Roger X - more affordable
  • fitting is extremely easy as no programming is required
  • operation is as simple as: switch on the Roger transmitter, switch on the Roger NeckLoop and select 'T' or MT on the hearing instrument.
  • attractive and slim design, lightweight with few buttons 
  • LED battery life indicator
  • LED volume indicator
  • rechargeable battery built in
  • typical operating distance of 10m (30 feet) inside and 30m (90 feet) outside

The integral neck-loop allows the Roger Neckloop to be worn visibly around the neck, or completely invisible under clothing. The Roger Neckloop can be used with any hearing instrument that has a T-coil.

A set of headphones or earphones (purchased separately) can be connected to the Roger NeckLoop instead of listening through the loop. With headphones, Roger NeckLoop becomes a wireless headset for people without hearing instruments. 

Consists of:

  • Roger 03 NeckLoop receiver with plug in neck cord
  • power supply/charger for Roger NeckLoop - USB C
  • instruction booklet.

Roger NeckLoop Size: 70 x 39 x 18mm approx

Roger NeckLoop Weight: 34g approx 52g including loop

Roger NeckLoop headphone connector: stereo jack 3.5mm

Power Supply: 100 – 230 V ac 50-60Hz. UK plug.

 Please note - this part is the Roger NeckLoop on its own, for use as a spare/replacement/addition to an existing system. A transmitter is required for the Roger NeckLoop to work - purchased separately.