• CHIME Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Pack Size 13
  • CHIME Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Pack Size 13 layered
  • CHIME Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Pack Size 13
  • CHIME Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Pack Size 13 layered

CHIME Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Pack - Size 13 (P13) - Free Postage on this Item*



Optimized for longer-lasting, reliable performance

Our high-quality hearing aid batteries are the ideal power source for your hearing aid device. Our cell design allows for greater delivery of vital materials formulated for energy production. As a result, our batteries can satisfy the increased power requirements of current hearing devices.

Our hearing aid batteries offer consistently reliable, stable performance across a wide range of environmental conditions. The secure seal within each cell means that you can be confident of durability and long-lasting power, even in extreme conditions.

Zinc air technology means that each replacement hearing aid battery remains inactive until its coloured tab is removed, preserving power for when you need it. Once the tab is removed the zinc in the battery reacts with oxygen to activate the battery. With a guaranteed shelf life of up to 4 years, clearly marked, you can be confident that you will always have the replacement power you need, when you need it.

Supplied with high-grade, secure packaging, these batteries are available in all sizes: 10, 13, 312, 675 and CI675 while our colour coded packs make it easier to recognise the size you require.

These batteries offer reliable performance for everyday use and are designed to meet EU regulations, our batteries are also mercury and cadmium free, making them a responsible choice.


How to replace your batteries:

  • Remove the battery tab - Carefully remove the battery from the packet and remove the coloured tab from the battery.
  • Rest to activate - Always rest the battery for one minute after removing the tab. This will activate the battery.
  • Insert battery - Locate the battery compartment on your hearing aid device and open it. Remove the used battery. Carefully insert the new battery into your hearing aid or sound amplification device. Ensure that the air holes are facing up. Close the battery compartment securely.
  • Dispose of used batteries - Because our batteries are mercury-free they can be safely disposed of in domestic waste. Better still, why not recycle your old batteries via a local battery recycling scheme? 


How long do our batteries last?

Due to their high-quality design, our batteries deliver consistently high performance across a range of key environmental conditions. How long the batteries last will however vary from user to user and depends on several factors including the degree of hearing loss, the device in which they are being used and the environment you are using them in. Taking note and recording your battery performance over time will help you to better understand your unique battery needs. We would advise always carrying a spare set of batteries with you so that you can be confident of uninterrupted hearing.


*Free Postage to Ireland and Northern Ireland only

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