Sonumaxx NX PR Headphone System



This Sonumaxx NX PR Headphone System provides clear wireless sound up to 25 metres away. It is ideal for persons with mild to severe hearing loss who struggle to hear the TV but do not use hearing aids. 

With it’s clear sound, the latest Sonumaxx wireless digital system will help you listen more clearly to your TV, Radio or other sound sources without any trailing leads

A special feature of the Sonumaxx NX PR System is the possibility to switch from the reception of the TV sound to the built in microphone of the receiver so that you can listen to conversations too, this new NX version's internal microphone has had a performance increase.

With adjustable volume up to 122 dB, the Sonumaxx NX System from Humantechnik has exceptionally clear audio reproduction and high-quality sound - reliable and totally free of background noise.

This system is supplied with a Sarabec HS-101 Over the head Headphone, which plugs into the pocket receiver (You can plug pretty much any headset, earhooks, neckloop or headphone into the pocket receiver)

The transmitter serves as storage and docking station, at the same time recharging the receiver's battery. A fully charged battery will last 6 to 8 hours, depending on the set volume. Two batteries are included, so these can be used and recharged alternatingly, giving non stop listening potential

A button on the front of the sonumaxx NX transmitter serves to select one of three sound profile presets, so the user can choose which one suits them best.

The Sonumaxx NX PR Headset System has digital (Optical/Toslink) connections, and also an Analogue audio connection or you can use the supplied Microphone to pick up the sound.

 Top Features 

  • Up to 122dB amplification
  • Continuous use due to 2 x supplied rechargeable batteries
  • Built in communication microphone
  • excellent tone control giving exceptional clarity
  • multiple connectivity options supplied.

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