Sonumaxx NX Headset Receiver



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This is a Sonumaxx NX system spare or replacement headset receiver device.

Thanks to its stethoscope design and soft, replaceable silicone rubber earbuds as well as its incredibly flexible speaker arms, the sonumaxx-2.4 receiver is comfortable to wear without putting uncomfortable pressure on the ears.


Key benefits

  • Enjoy exceptionally clear speech and music on your TV with amplified sound up to 120dB and reduced background noise
  • Choose the TV volume level that suits you without disturbing anyone else
  • Adjust the left–right volume balance with a simple dial if you have greater hearing loss in one ear
  • Boost the sounds you want to hear using the handy tone control
  • Switch easily from TV to conversation at the press of a switch
  • Hear the TV almost anywhere in your home – the receiver works at up to 25m away from the transmitter.


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