Signolux Portable Vibrating Receiver



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The Signolux portable receiver is a vibrating pager which alerts you to important household sounds using coloured LED symbols and vibrations. It tells you when the doorbell or phone rings, the baby cries, or if there’s a fire alarm from your choice of Signolux transmitters (available separately). This handy device is suitable for all levels of hearing loss. It can be carried around the home and also used at night in conjunction with a vibrating pad (available separately)

Key benefits

  • Stay safe and independent at home with alerts that light up and vibrate
  • See what the alert is straight away thanks to the six illuminated symbols and different vibration patterns
  • Lightweight and portable – pop it in your pocket or wear it round the house using the handy belt clip
  • Know when to change or recharge the batteries with the low battery warning.

Please note:

You need at least one transmitter for the Signolux portable vibrating receiver to work.


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