Signolux Alarmo Detector



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Ideal for hard of hearing users, the Alarmo 2 detects smoke alarms and transmits to your Signolux receiver. This is an excellent addition to any Signolux system and helps to make your existing system suitable for the hard of hearing.

There is no need to replace your smoke alarm because alarmo can detect the alarm sounds from existing smoke alarms without the need for any modification or wiring, helping you to keep safe from smoke and fire.

It incorporates a highly intelligent processor to listen just for a typical smoke alarm sounding and so is extremely good at not creating false alerts.

When an independent alarm is detected Alarmo 2 transmits a radio signal to all Signolux receivers within range, which will then alert you to the event.      

Uses 3 x NiMH rechargeable batteries type AA, 1,2V (included)

UK Power supply included  - batteries provide backup in event of power failure.


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