Signolux Alarmo Detector



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The Signolux alarmo detector can be used in lieu of your current smoke alarms. 
Without any modification or wiring, it can pick up smoke alarm sounds. 
A very clever processor is built into the Signolux alarmo detector to listen for common smoke alarm noises and reduce false alarms. 
This smart gadget sends a radio signal to every Signolux receiver that is connected and within range when it hears an alarm sound, warning you of the threat.



Key benefits

  • No need to replace your existing smoke alarm – the alarmo detects the alarm sound and sends an alert to your choice of Signolux receiver (available separately)
  • False alarms are minimised thanks to a highly intelligent processor
  • Wide operating range – up to 200m from compatible receivers
  • Can be used for night-time alerts if used with a Signolux vibrating pad (available separately)
  • Mains powered with rechargeable battery backup
  • Know when to change the battery with the low battery warning.

Please note:

  • You need at least one receiver for the Signolux alarmo detector to work.
  • The alarmo’s radio alarm signal is triggered by the computer-assisted positive analysis of environment sounds. Despite digital filtering, the possibility of a false alarm cannot be fully excluded, due to the almost limitless variety of possible sounds (eg siren-like ringtones on mobile phones). For this reason it’s recommended that you check the functioning of the alarmo by testing the alarm device (smoke detector, alarm system) which is to be monitored.

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