Phonak Stick ‘n’ Stay Hearing Aid Sticky Pads



A set of 30 pairs of Phonak Stick 'n' Stay clear sticky pads designed to keep hearing aids in place comfortably.
The stickers are approximately the size of a BTE hearing aid or implant processor and are contoured to follow the contour of the device. 23mm in length and 8mm in width.

One side attaches to the instrument, while the other adheres to the child's sensitive skin. The stickers are biocompatible, leave no residue, and are simple to apply and remove.

A pack of 30 pairs of these pads is included. Each pair is secured in a sachet by being adhered to a base card (to protect it from gathering dirt).

The Stick 'n' Stay is an excellent option. Some users may find them more convenient than toupee tape because they are already formed and come in pairs. The pads aren't intended to be reused.

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