Phonak Roger X Receiver - 03 version



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The Phonak Roger X (03) Receiver is a discreet, ear-level device that delivers clear speech and sound over distances for individuals with hearing loss when paired with a Roger wireless microphone. It seamlessly connects to various microphone transmitters, including Roger Select, Roger Pen, Table Mic II, EasyPen, Clip-on Mic, and Table Mic. Please note, it is not compatible with Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger inspiro, Pass-around Mic, and Roger Soundfield.

  • Connects easily to Roger wireless microphones
  • Enhances speech and sound clarity for individuals with hearing loss
  • Compatible with various microphone transmitters

The Roger X is designed to be versatile, working with a wide range of hearing aids, cochlear implant processors, and Streamers available in the market. However, it's important to ensure that your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor is programmed for FM, a service that can be provided by our Resource Officers, your audiologist, or your Cochlear Implant Centre.

  • Compatible with various brands of hearing aids and cochlear implant processors
  • Requires FM programming for optimal performance

If your hearing aid lacks a Direct Audio Input (DAI) socket, you'll need an Audio Shoe adaptor to connect it with the Roger X. The specific Audio Shoe required will depend on the make and model of your hearing aid. Additionally, the Streamer must have a Direct Audio Input socket for seamless integration.

  • Audio Shoe adaptor may be required for some hearing aids
  • Streamer must have Direct Audio Input socket


  • Warranty: 2-year return to base manufacturer's warranty
  • Physical Information:

    Height: 9.65mm
    • Length: 9mm
    • Width: 9mm
    • Weight: 0.97g
    • Colour: Silver Grey