Phonak Roger X Receiver - 03 version



Product Overview

 The Phonak Roger X (03) Receiver is a small discrete ear level receiver that when connected to a Roger wireless microphone provides good speech and sound over distance to a person with hearing loss. The type 03 receiver connects easily to any of the microphone transmitters - Roger Select, Roger Pen, Table Mic II, EasyPen, Clip-on Mic and Table Mic. The Roger 03 DOES NOT work with Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger inspiro, Pass-around Mic and Roger Soundfield.

The Roger X is compatible with many brands of hearing aids, cochlear implant processors and Streamers that are available in the marketplace.  Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implant sound processors must be programmed for, what is commonly know, as FM. This can be carried out by our Resource Officers or your audiologist or Cochlear Implant Centre. 

If your hearing aid does not have a Direct Audio Input (DAI) socket you will require an Audio Shoe adaptor to connect the Roger X to your hearing aid. The Audio Shoe required is dependent on the make and model of your hearing aid. The Streamer must have a Direct Audio input socket.


Features :

  • Warranty

    • 2-year return to base manufacturer's warranty


  • Physical Information

    • height: 9.65mm 
    • length: 9mm
    • width : 9mm
    • weight: 0.97g
    • colour: silver grey