Phonak Roger X Receiver - 03 version



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The Phonak Roger X (03) Receiver is a low-profile ear-level marvel that transforms the audio experience for those with hearing loss. Seamlessly connecting to various microphones, it's your key to clear speech and sound.
  • Effortless connection to Roger wireless microphones
  • Improved speech and sound clarity for the hearing impaired
  • Versatile compatibility with multiple microphone transmitters
  • Not compatible with Roger Touchscreen Mic, Inspiro, Pass-around Mic, and Soundfield.

The Roger X is your go-to for compatibility with a wide array of hearing aids, cochlear implant processors, and Streamers. Ensure optimal performance with FM programming, available through our Resource Officers, audiologists, or the Cochlear Implant Centres.
  • Compatible with various hearing aid and cochlear implant brands
  • Requires FM programming for peak performance
For devices lacking a DAI socket, use an Audio Shoe adaptor, customised based on your hearing aid's make and model. Streamers must have a direct Audio Input socket for seamless integration.
  • Audio Shoe adaptor may be necessary for select hearing aids
  • Streamer must have Direct Audio Input socket
  • Warranty: 2-year return to base
  • Dimensions: H: 9.65mm, L: 9mm, W: 9mm, Weight: 0.97g
  • Color: Silver Grey

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