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  • Phonak Com Pilot - TV Link

Phonak Com Pilot - TV Link



Product Overview

Phonak ComPilot TV Link 

(This product can only be used with the ComPilot, ComPilot II or ComPilot AIR II)

The Phonak TVLink turns a hearing aid into a wireless headset for TV or music with stereo sound.The TVLink II base station offers digital audio inputs, a dedicated pairing button and a charging slot which is also compatible with ComPilot Air II./The Phonak TVLink II base stations is the interface to TV and other audio sources. Combined with Phonak ComPilot II or Phonak ComPilot Air II it turns any Phonak wireless hearing aid into a headset with a range of up to 30 meters.
This solution offers stereo sound quality and minimized delays for a full audio experience. This solution also prevents the TV volume from being too high for other people.

The TVLink II works with all modern TV sets and stereo equipment. Its two digital audio inputs make connecting to TV or stereo much easier, with improved sound quality. Just connect the optical or coaxial cable, and there's no need to pre-adjust the volume, or worry about TV speakers being off.

Unlike other assistive listening devices, the hearing instrument does not need to be removed when using the TVLink II base station. This way, your clients can enjoy digital audio streaming and continue to hear sounds around them, such as conversations or the doorbell. The 30-metre range means your clients can move freely around the house without missing a thing from the TV programLike other audio adapters, the TVLink II base station simply plugs into the power supply and one of the available audio outputs from the TV or other audio source. TVLink II base station is also available in a package containing ComPilot II, a charger and all necessary audio cables (optical, analogue). The devices are already paired and ready to use, making installation and configuration very easy. Together, they form a convenient entertainment package, ready to stream audio wirelessly to hearing aids.

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