Paediatric Care Kit



An extremely good value Phonak hearing aid care kit for children.

Supplied in a colourful, fun and practical bag/case with a sturdy carry handle. A great way to get children interested in taking care of their hearing aids themselves.

There is also a handy label on the back of the case for emergency contact details incase the bag is misplaced.


The Pediatric Care Kit includes everything your child needs for an exceptional hearing experience:

  • New Green Case Backpack: Stylish and convenient, it keeps all the essentials securely in one place.
  • Drying Capsules & Beaker: Safeguard the hearing instruments from moisture, ensuring longevity and functionality.
  • Stickers: Fun and customizable stickers to add a personal touch to their hearing devices.
  • Air Puffer: Keep the devices clean and free from debris for enhanced performance.
  • Listening Tube: A vital accessory for clear and comfortable communication.
  • Leo the Lion Kids clip and Retention Cord: Keep your child's hearing aids safe and secure.
  • Keychain Hearing Aid Battery Tester: Easily check the battery life on the go, avoiding any disruptions.


Invest in your child's hearing health with Phonak's Paediatric Care Kit.


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