Nucleus 6 CP900 LiteWear Cable (Mocha)


Product Overview

The Nucleus 6 LiteWear Cable* belongs to the LiteWear ensemble, a collection of technologies designed to be comfortable, alternative wearing options for your Nucleus 6 Sound Processor. Specifically, the LiteWear Cable allows the battery module to be worn on the body. When implemented with the LiteWear case, the cable gives you the option of connecting the module to a piece of clothing. The LiteWear Cable is great for children—or anyone who is looking to reduce sound processor weight on their ear.

The LiteWear Cable itself is the particular innovation that enables you to wear the battery module on the body instead of behind the ear. By attaching it to the sockets on the end of your battery holder and sound processor, the LiteWear Cable offers the ability to extend the distance between each component.

*The LiteWear Cable requires a LiteWear Case and LiteWear fixing aids to be used effectively.

The LiteWear Cable comes in all five colors of the N6 system (Carbon, Maize, Mocha, Smoke, and White). Beyond compatibility with all N6 models, the LiteWear Cable is also available for the Baha 5 SuperPower and comes in that system’s colors as well (Blonde, Brown, Copper, and Silver).

Qty. 1; Length: 30 cm. 

Technical Information

Cochlear UK Product Code:  Z285949 (Mocha)

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