Dry-Brik Dessicant



Unlock the ultimate moisture protection for your sound processor with the Dry–Brik II Desiccant, engineered to perfection. Elevate your device care regimen with these standout features:

  • Advanced Moisture Control: Seamlessly integrate the Dry–Brik II with your Dry & Store unit for unmatched moisture elimination, maintaining the peak performance of your sound processor.
  • Smart Color Indicator: Stay in control effortlessly. A clever color indicator signals precisely when it's time to swap out the desiccant, ensuring continuous device protection.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for Dry and Store Global dehumidifiers as well as Zephyr hearing aid dehumidifiers, these three dessicant briks deliver versatile coverage.
  • Aggressive Sorbent Power: Each brik wields an aggressive sorbent that doesn't just absorb moisture - it conquers odors and effectively removes earwax, upholding device hygiene.

But that's not all – we've thought of everything:

Use with Breeze By Dry & Store

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