Dry-Brik Dessicant



Dry–Brik II Desiccant

Use the Dry & Store unit to remove the moisture from the sound processor. This product has a colour indicator that tells you when it's time to change it. Three dessicant briks for the Dry and Store Global dehumidifiers, as well as the Zephyr hearing aid dehumidifiers. Each brik has a more aggressive sorbent that absorbs moisture, eliminates odour, and removes earwax. Each brik has a spot where you can write the date the Dry–Brik was put into service. Every two months, the dessicant should be replaced.

The Dry–Brik II is a molecular sieve that is far more aggressive than silica gel as a desiccant. It serves two purposes: (1) to permanently eliminate moisture molecules released from devices during the warming cycle, and (2) to reduce the relative humidity inside the box to a far lower level than is feasible with simply a heater, enhancing drying capabilities.


Dry-Brik II is a more aggressive sorbent that has a substantially higher moisture–adsorption capability. It works with all dry and storage versions.
To activate the Dry-Brik, remove the foil cover.

For best efficiency, the Dry-Brik should be replaced every two months once activated.

In the area given on the Dry-Brik, write the date of activation as a reminder of when it needs to be replaced.

The Dry–Brik II comes in three packs, giving you a six-month supply.


For Breeze By Dry & Store

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