Doro Phone Easy 100w Cordless Phone



The phone has a volume control, a boost button for additional volume and a tone control with 3 settings: natural, treble and bass. The treble setting produces a substantial boost to the high pitched speech frequencies, which may be ideal for some users. The volume boost feature is also automatically switched off when a call is ended, so it is not possible to accidentally have the handset on at full volume plus boost when answering or making a call. This is a useful safety feature in mixed hearing homes.


The handset ringer also has a good range of ringer tones and melodies (10 in total) and there are 5 volume settings.
  • Handset loudness (up to 108dB) 
  • Volume control (5 settings)
  • Boost button
  • Handset tone control (equaliser) with 3 settings (Natural, Bass & Treble)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Handset ringer volume (off and 5 volume settings, up to 70dB)
  • Base ringer volume (off and 5 volume settings, up to 66db)
  • Handset and base ring tones (10 ringer melodies)
  • Hands-free function (5 volume settings)
  • Display contrast with white backlight
  • Text/font size: 11mm
  • Two direct dial buttons (M1 & M2)
  • Nine two-touch memories
  • 20 number phonebook
  • Priority call alert ? you can select one phone number that rings differently from the rest when they call you.
  • Redial button (5 most recently dialled)
  • Pre-dialling option
  • Paging button
  • Mute (outgoing speech)
  • Keypad lock
  • Low battery warning, symbol shown on display and audible warning tone available
  • Out of range warning
  • Call timer
  • Alarm clock facility
  • Standby time up to 100 hours and continuous talk-time up to 10 hours
  • Operating range up to 300m (outdoors), up to 50m (indoors)
  • Call transfer of external calls (when using several handsets)
  • Clock
  • Alarm
  • Buttons can make a sound when you press them
  • 1 year warranty

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