Signolux Portable Vibrating Receiver Charger


Product Overview

The Signolux portable vibrating receiver is a great way to get alerted to important household sounds if you have hearing loss. However, disposable batteries can be wasteful and costly. This charger is an easy, convenient way to recharge the batteries in your vibrating receiver. Two rechargeable batteries for the vibrating receiver are included with the charging base.

Key benefits

    • Never run out of power – keep your vibrating receiver charged for when you need it
    • Easy charging – simply pop the vibrating receiver into the charging cradle
    • Reduce waste with rechargeable batteries
    • Save money – disposable batteries can become costly over time
    • See the charging status using the LED lights.

Please note

The charging base is for rechargeable batteries only. Do not use it with non-rechargeable batteries.

Also available

This product is for use with the Signolux portable vibrating receiver DH2432

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