Signolux Plug In Flash Receiver


Product Overview

The mains-powered Signolux Plug-in Flash Receiver works with Signolux transmitters to alert you to the doorbell, telephone, a person calling, a baby monitor, a general alarm and a fire alarm. Optional accessories, including a vibrating pad, are available. It is suitable for people with up to profound hearing loss.

Key benefits:

  • The Plug-in Receiver flashes brightly and individual symbols light up for 40 seconds to let you know which home alarm/alert needs your attention
  • Use simple programming to link to a range of alerts – doorbell, telephone, person calling, baby monitor, general alarm and fire alarm
  • Mains powered – no batteries needed
  • Plug directly into an eye-level socket – ideal for keeping an eye on things while busy in the kitchen
  • Add a vibrating pad and other optional accessories using the 3.5mm socket.

Important notes about the Signolux Plug-in Flash Receiver:

  • It does not produce an audible alert.
  • It does not have an out-of-range warning.
  • It must be linked to one or more Signolux transmitters in order to work.
  • For fire/smoke alarms, it must be used with the optional vibrating pad (see ‘Optional accessories’ below) to wake someone from sleep.
  • It is mains powered and does not have a battery back-up. Therefore, it will not function in the event of a mains power failure.

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