CM-BT2 Bluetooth Mobile Phone Loop



Product Overview

If you have a hearing aid with a T setting this Bluetooth mobile phone loop will help you hear more clearly on your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone because it blocks out background noise.

No more interference on your mobile

Sometimes when you hold a mobile up to your ear its close proximity to your hearing aid causes interference. However, when you use this neckloop you don’t need to hold the mobile to you your ear, so you won’t get any interference. The reason you don’t have to hold the mobile to your ear is that the sound comes through the neckloop and you speak into the neckloop’s microphone. The microphone has a volume control.

No more missed calls

Because it is Bluetooth you can be anywhere within 10 metres of your mobile and still answer it. This means your mobile doesn’t have to be permanently stuck in your pocket or belt case. Also, you will always hear your mobile ring because the ringtone isn’t being muffled in your pocket or bag because the ringtone is sent straight to your hearing aids through the neckloop.

Listen to music

If your mobile has a radio or contains music files you can use the CM–BT2 to listen to music as you would with headphones. As soon as an incoming call is detected, the music will be interrupted, the CM–BT2 will ring and then all you need to is to press its “function” key to answer the call. The music will continue to play once you have ended the call. Alternatively if you prefer to use headphones then its charging socket doubles up as a headphone socket for both calls and music. It is also compatible with laptops that are Bluetooth enabled and can be charged from a computer using its usb connection lead which can also be used with its car charger.

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