Bellman Alarm Clock Classic



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It is an excellent vibrating alarm clock for the deaf and hard of hearing, with a sleek design and great features at an affordable price.

Key Benefits:

  • Loud audible alarm of up to 100dB and a powerful vibrating pad
  • Large, clear display and big, easy to use controls
  • Audible alarm gradually increases volume and changes tone as it rings
  • Alarm time always visible on the front of the clock
  • Nine minute snooze that reduces to two minutes in two minute intervals on each press
  • Battery backup to maintain all settings and alarms in a power cut

There are three versions of this alarm clock: the Classic, the Pro and the Visit which connects to the Bellman paging system. This is the Classic version which is the entry level option, which still has some excellent, unique features.
The Bellman Classic alarm clock wakes you using a 100dB amplified alarm and a vibrating pad that goes under your pillow.

The audible alarm uses different sound frequencies, so whether you find high or low pitched sounds hard to hear, there will be a tone to suit you. It also gets louder the longer you leave the alarm.

You also have the option of turning off the audible alarm and just using the vibrating pad. This is a good choice if you don't want to disturb others when you get up.
The clock reduces the snooze interval from nine to two minutes in two minute steps.
If you have a power cut the Bellman range of alarm clocks maintain all their functions, unlike other alarm clocks.  You will need to put batteries in the clock to benefit from this. These are purchased separately for the Classic although the Pro and Visit models include the batteries already.


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