Amplipower 50



Product Overview

The AmpliPower 50 has an extremely loud maximum volume of 141dB and a powerful ringer, so it´s ideal for people who are severely deaf.
It is hearing aid compatible so you can set your hearing aid to T (if you have a hearing aid with a T setting) and this blocks out any background noise, making your phone call much clearer.
The hands-free option enables you to hear and speak without holding the handset so you can write or type more easily while you´re on the phone.
A built-in strobe flashes when the phone rings (this can be turned off) to help you notice when the phone is ringing.
The AmpliPower 50 has adjustable volume so it can be used by people with different levels of hearing, however due to the very high maximum volume care should be taken to ensure that any new users are familiar with this equipment.
There are 12 speed-dial buttons so you can contact your most commonly called friends and family at the press of a button.


Technical Details


Maximum handset volume of 149dB
Maximum ringer volume of 81dB
Sliding tone control
Hearing aid compatible
Loud ringer volume (up to 81 dB)
Ringer volume (3 position switch ?mute-medium-maximum volume)
Adjustable ringer melody (9 options)
Bright xenon flash to indicate incoming calls (can be switched off)
Option of ringer and pad or ringer and flash alert
Hands-free (loudspeaker)
Large and bold buttons
2.5mm neckloop jack socket (see CLA7 neckloop accessory below)
3.5mm jack socket for vibrating pad (see pad accessory below)
Direct vibe handset option (see direct vibe handset accessory below)
Headset option (see headset accessory below)
Battery back-up (4xAAA batteries) for the ringer
Three emergency number keys (P1, P2, P3)
Nine memory keys
Last number redial
Time break recall
Mute button
Wall mountable
Warranty: 1 year
What’s included?
Amplipower 50
Mains lead
Telephone lead

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