Silent Alert Portable Signwave Sound Flash Receiver



Product Overview

Simple to use and ergonomically designed for both Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, the portable SignWave receiver uses strobe, variable sound frequencies and the incoming alert symbol to notify the user to an event occurring. 
Each event has a unique sound to help the user identify the different alerts. The volume and frequency settings can be altered to suit the individual's needs.
Once the SignWave is placed in its bedside charger base, an optional vibrating pillow pad will activate to help wake the user if a signal is received during the night

Item dimensions (including base) 11.6 x 15.0 x 11.6 (cm)
Item weight 305(g)


  • Easy to use cancel button
  • Wireless Range up to 1000m in open air
  • Different sound & light pattern for each event
  • *New for 2016* Dual frequency (5KHz & 520Hz) smoke alert.
    This makes the alarm accessible for people with
    low & high frequency hearing loss
  • LED backlit event display
  • Fire Safe Compatible
  • User adjustable alarm level (up to 90dB)
  • Optional pillow pad for overnight cover

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