Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+



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Introducing the Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+: Taking Hearing to a Whole New Level

Cochlear™ latest generation of mini-microphones. Designed to enhance your ability to hear in noisy environments and over long distances, these Mini Microphones are a game-changer. Building upon the success of the original Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone, this new version offers even better performance, allowing you to stay connected and fully engaged in conversations, no matter the circumstances.

Streamlined and Improved

The new generation of Mini Microphone 2+ takes all the fantastic features of the original and elevates them to new heights. Experience exceptional sound quality and crystal-clear speech transmission in challenging situations, such as work meetings, classrooms, busy restaurants, or while on the road.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Enhanced Directionality: Keep up with conversations effortlessly, even in noisy places, thanks to the new directionality feature of the microphones.

  2. Superior Sound Quality: Enjoy an improved audio experience in all situations, ensuring you never miss out on important details.

  3. Extended Range: Gain the freedom to choose where you sit during meetings or at school, thanks to the impressive 25-meter range (clear line of sight).

  4. Long Battery Life: Experience peace of mind with an average full day of battery life, lasting up to 10-11 hours.

  5. Compact and User-Friendly: The Mini Microphone 2+ is significantly smaller and slimmer than its predecessor, making it discreet and easy to use.

Additional Features

  • Full Connectivity: Connect seamlessly to audio sources via line-in, loop systems with the in-built Telecoil, and FM systems through the 3-pin europlug. The FM-compatibility feature enables bilateral or bimodal streaming with a single FM receiver.

  • Table Mic Mode: Enhance your hearing during group discussions with the Table Mic mode, offering improved clarity and comprehension.

Take control of your hearing experience with the Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+. Rediscover the joy of effortless conversations, superior sound quality, and the freedom to fully engage in your favourite activities.

Compatible with the Nucleus® 8, Nucleus 7, Kanso 2, Nucleus 6, Baha® 6 Max, Baha 5, Baha 5 Power, Baha 5 SuperPower, Osia® 2 and Kanso sound processors

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