Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm Transmitter - Ionisation


Product Overview

This Ionisation smoke alarm transmitter is part of with the Bellman Visit home alerting system. It will instantly send a signal to your Bellman receiver(s) – available separately – It discovers smoke and fast flaming fires at an early stage and relays the alarm directly to your Visit receiver. The receivers provide a bright flashing light, and/or powerful vibration alert. The smoke alarm also provides an audible alarm for hearing users. It also  alerts you when the battery is running low.

Key Benefits

Protect your home and family – Ionisation smoke alarm detects both smoke and flames

  • Can be suitable for all levels of hearing loss when used with the appropriate Bellman receiver
  • Audible alarm for hearing users – 85dB at 3m
  • Wide operating range – sends a danger signal to a receiver up to 200m away
  • Avoid false alarms when cooking thanks to toast mode
  • Large test button to check it’s working properly
  • Low battery warning on the smoke alarm unit and Bellman receivers that have the same radio key.
 Please note 


  • For people who are deaf or have hearing loss, this smoke alarm must be used in combination with Bellman Visit receivers, available separately.
  • Always test your smoke alarm on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For indoor use only.


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