Bellman Visit 868 Flash Receiver with Back Up Batteries



Product Overview

An effective, bright flashing light receiver for use with the Bellman Visit paging system.

The flash receiver has an indicator and bright, unique flashes to tell you what you're being alerted to, while the lid can rotate to direct the flash to where you can see it. This version includes a battery backup.

Key Benefits:

  • Receiver for use with the Bellman Visit system, with lights to tell you what you're being alerted to
  • Battery backup maintains the receiver in a power cut, vital if it's alerting you to an emergency device or smoke alarm
  • Rotating lid to direct the flash in a direction of your choice
  • Has a telephone input socket to alert you directly to phone calls without the need for a transmitter
  • Has an input for the mobile phone sensor accessory
  • Vibrating pad accessory can be added for night time alerts
  • Up to 200m range
  • 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries included

The Bellman Flash Receiver with Battery Back up has a rotating lid that can direct the flashing light in any direction you choose. Just press anywhere on the lid to turn it off after it’s activated. 

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