• Bellman Maxi Pro TV streamer system
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV streamer system
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System
  • Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System

Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer System



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The Bellman Maxi Pro is Three products in one.

  • Speech Amplifier - catch the conversation around the dinner table without effort.
  • Mobile Phone Amplifier - chat with friends without asking anyone to repeat themselves.
  • TV Listener - watch your favourite shows while sparing your family's ears. 


The Bellman Bluetooth Maxi Pro is a complete listening solution that connects your smartphone, music, tablet, and TV so you can watch your favorite shows while chatting with friends or family.

The Maxi Pro delivers high-quality sound thanks to 135dB of amplification, a full range of tone/frequency settings, and large, easy-to-use buttons.

The Maxi Pro is supplied with headphones (which have a built-in microphone for phone calls). 

It has a standard headphone socket so if you prefer, you can use any headphones, earphones etc (with a 3.5mm plug. Hearing aid users can listen with a neckloop using their hearing aids on the loop program (sometimes known as the 'T' setting).

The Maxi Pro is equipped with a built-in omni-directional microphone that enhances speech. When in use, place it on a table close to the person talking, hold it in your hand or attach it to your clothes using the clip.


  • Easy to use - Up and running in minutes  
  • Great ergonomics - Robust and user friendly
  • Fully digital - Clear and noise-free sound
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 - Connects to your TV and mobile
  • Can be used by hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users (listening method purchased separately)

Maxi Pro is designed to be robust and user friendly. It features large tactile buttons, soft grip materials and high contrast indicators that make it very easy to handle. This makes it a great choice for people with tremors, limited vision or low dexterity.

Sometimes, hearing when the phone rings and hearing the person on the other end can be a real challenge. Maxi Pro connects to your smartphone vie Bluetooth and amplifies both the ring tone and the caller’s voice. The microphone in the supplied headphones will pick up your voice.

Included in this bundle, the Maxi Pro TV streamer enables you to hear the television at a volume that suits you, without affecting the volume for anyone else in the room. It streams the sound in full HD-stereo via Bluetooth to your Maxi Pro personal amplifier.

The Maxi Pro TV streamer uses the latest Qualcomm® aptX™ low latency technology which results in optimum time synchronization when playing back audio, rendering crisp and clear sound without any lip-sync issues. The TV streamer features both analogue and digital input and connects to the vast majority of modern television sets.

Various evaluations have found that the Bellman Maxi Pro delivers really clear sound quality from the TV and from the Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone. It is simple to use, the volume and tone controls were particularly responsive and effective. Set up was straightforward if you followed clear and easy-to-understand instructions. The products look and feel nice and are obviously of a high quality and are delivered in good packaging. With reasonable care the Maxi Pro could last a long time.

With the Maxi Pro TV listening system, you can listen to:

  • Speech - catch the conversation without effort, simply place the Maxi Pro on the table to hear people's voices
  • Television - watch your favourite show at a volume that suits you, without disturbing others
  • Smartphone - hear when the phone rings and the caller's voice
  • Music - stream from your tablet or PC to the Maxi Pro

Supplied with: Bellman Maxi Pro listener, pocket clip, Headphones with built-in microphone (BE2933) Bellman Maxi Pro TV Streamer, 2 x USB cables, 1 x USB plug with UK & EU pins, cable tidy, 3.5mm stereo cable, mini-stereo-to-RCA (phono) adaptor, optical cable & user instructions.

The Maxi Pro listener can be charged from the TV streamer.

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