Artone 3-MAX Streamer



The Artone-3MAX streamer is the most powerful bluetooth neckloop available, capable of working with severe hearing loss and cochlear implants.
This variant of the well-known Artone bluetooth loopset/neckloop connects your hearing aid to your Bluetooth phone.

When you buy the Artone - 3, you update your hearing device to the "Bluetooth hearing aid" level.

A Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid or implant allows the user to communicate via cell phone while using the hearing aid as a handsfree device. You can also watch TV while using the hearing aid/implant as wireless headphones.

The Artone -3 streamer also allows music to be streamed directly into hearing devices from Android phones and devices as well as Apple phones and devices. 
Podcasts, films, and music can be streamed directly to the Artone 3 hearing aid/implant.



Technical Details

Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles
Wirelessly enjoy stereo music from all A2DP– enabled devices, such as iphone cell phones, PDA, PC etc
Features Software & CVC echo/noise cancellation for reducing noise
Remote controls: play, skip and select your music.
Totally wireless.
Clear amplified communication.
Compatible with any phone with Bluetooth® technology.
Compatible with any hearing aid equipped with T–coil option
Rechargeable Long lasting Battery
Voice dial options.
compatible with Artone TVB for SKYPE, TV, Radio, Etc

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