Wake n Shake Star Alarm Clock



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With the Geemarc Wake N Shake Star Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Vibrating Pad, you'll never again sleep through your alarm again. It's a sleek, extra loud, super-bright alarm clock with a vibrating pad that will wake even the deepest sleepers.

There are five adjustable alarm settings, two kinds of vibration, and three tones and loudness to select from, so there are lots of customizing choices to wake you up.

The Geemarc Wake N Shake Star is ideal for awakening hard-of-hearing persons because of its extremely high loudness of 95dB, external vibrating pad, and brilliant LED display. Because this clock features a backup battery, you can be assured that you will never wake up late again.

The Wake N Shake Alarm Clock features a large, easy-to-read LCD display panel with a dimmer setting that allows you to control the brightness.

Offering a choice of three different tones and volumes, this Geemarc Star clock can be set to a tone and volume that suits your needs. The alarm reaches a maximum volume of 95dB, making it loud enough to most people

The Wake N Shake Star Alarm includes a shaker pad that can be placed beneath your pillow or somewhere else near you where you will be able to feel the vibration.

When the alarm rings, this pad will vibrate strongly, making this alarm clock ideal for anybody with severe hearing difficulties.


  • Extra loud alarm clock with light and vibrating pad
  • Extra loud alarm tone – 95dB spl at 1 metre
  • With white, extra bright flashing light (12 LEDs)
  • Time display of 12/24 hours
  • Variable snooze time from 5 - 60 minutes
  • Five different alarm settings
  • Lamp function for additional functionality
  • Large white display with dimmer switch
  • Choice of three levels of volume/tone
  • Two levels of vibrations
  • Perfect for deep sleepers or the hard-of-hearing
  • Can be used to charge smartphones and other electronics
  • Back-up battery power (battery not included)

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