Product Overview

The silver Sonido Conversation Amplifier is a portable amplification device that helps you hear things like conversations, the television and radio more clearly, whether you have a hearing aid or not. 

In order to complete the unit, a neckloop, headphones, stethoset or ear hooks needs to be added.

The Sonido is an outstanding personal listener that gives you excellent value for money. Using the same technology as a digital hearing aid, it gives exceptional digital sound quality, but at the fraction of the price of other digital listeners.

The tone control function allows you to adjust the bass and treble of the sound. This is useful because you can tailor it to suit your particular hearing loss.

If you wear a hearing aid then you will need to purchase a neckloop or earhook from our accessories list. These plug into the Sonido and transfer the sound to your hearing aid - a bit like headphones. Just make sure your hearing aid has a T-setting.

If you don't have a hearing aid you need to plug in a pair of headphones or stethosets to hear the amplified sound. These can also be purchased from the  accessories list.

If listening to the TV......

The Sonido listener comes with an extra microphone on a 5m long lead. This can be placed next to the TV to help you hear more clearly. The sound is sent straight to your ears and cuts out background noise. However, if you press the 'mic' button you will hear the TV and any other sounds in the room, while the button is pressed. When you release the 'mic' button, you will return to the plug-in sound. This is useful if you want to speak to someone while watching TV, or if you don't want to miss the phone or doorbell ringing. 


  • Excellent for people who have trouble holding small things - it has an easy grip rubberised coating and a large, raised soft-touch buttons.
  • 5m long external microphone (included) allows you to amplify sounds direct from other sources, such as TV, radio or MP3 player.
  • Volume and tone control - useful for tailoring the bass and treble to your hearing loss
  • 150 hours' battery life - almost double that of most other listeners
  • Hinged battery cover for easy access
  • Battery status light
  • Clear LED's show volume and tone
  • To protect your hearing, Sonido automatically switches to a lower volume setting when turned on
  • You can set the volume at different levels for each ear via a button in the battery compartment
  • T setting that even allows people who don't wear hearing aids to benefit from induction loops or test they are working

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