• Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Front View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Angle View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Side View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Rear View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Front View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Angle View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Side View
  • Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter - Rear View

Phonak Roger On iN Microphone Transmitter



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The Roger On iN is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that uses MultiBeam 2.0 Technology to provide outstanding speech interpretation in noisy environments.

Each Roger On iN comes with two Roger (03) receivers that may be put into two (two) Marvel/Paradise hearing devices using RogerDirectTM.

Roger On is a multipurpose microphone transmitter that is suited for environments with background noise, such as restaurants. The Roger On is a stylish and modern Roger transmitter that is simple to set up and operate. The built-in display indicates which microphone mode the Roger On is in, whether it is muted or locked, and the remaining battery life.

Based on acoustic scene analysis and its orientation, its settings automatically alter to fit its environment. The Roger On is suitable for adults and teenagers and can be used in connection with other Roger transmitters in a network.

Roger is Phonak's wireless technology. Digital processing dramatically improves voice clarity, automatically modifying to improve understanding and comprehension even in noisy environments.

RogerDirect allows the Roger On iN to be used directly with Phonak Marvel/Paradise hearing aids. It is also compatible with the Roger Neckloop, Roger X, and Integrated Receivers from Phonak. The integrated receivers connect to hearing aids or cochlear implants directly. These are sold separately and come in a variety of styles. For further information, please contact your local Chime branch.

Roger On can be used in many different situations, such as:

  •     In restaurants, cafés, etc.
  •     In small group conversations with up to six participants
  •     In one-on-one conversations with a friend, partner or caregiver
  •     During lectures or in class
  •     Outdoors and indoors activities (gym, guided tour)
  •     Watching TV (using the docking station)
  •     Audio/voice from the computer, radio etc (using the docking station)

Feel part of the whole conversation

Roger On captures a speaker's speech and wirelessly transmits it to your ears via Phonak's patented Roger wireless technology.

The Roger On docking station charges the microphone while also transmitting audio from a TV or other audio device (such as your TV, tablet, or HiFi) to the Roger On (and into your hearing aids). Alternatively, you can connect your entertainment device to your Roger On directly using the short micro-USB audio cable.

There are four main ways of using your Roger On:

On a table: Place Roger On in the center of the table and hear the people sitting around it.
Pointing: Hold Roger On in the direction of the person you want to hear.
Presenter: Clip or hang Roger On near the mouth of a distant talker and hear them better.
TV/Multimedia: Stream the sound from your TV or another audio source directly into your ears.

Hear where the sound is coming from
MultiBeam 2.0 Technology automatically compares and chooses the direction with the best signal-to-noise ratio and recognizes where the speech is coming from.

Zoom in on the person talking

Pointing mode 2.0 uses three microphones in a row allowing the user to zoom in on the person talking where noise is present or in a group conversation where there is a distance to a talker. This mode can be used when the microphone is held in the hand or placed on a table.

Automatic microphone modes

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, Roger On recognizes the sound environment and its position, and switches automatically between Table mode, Presenter mode and Pointing mode. The display shows you which mode is active and the status of the device.

Protected against splashes of water
Roger On is protected against splashes of water and IP54 rated. It can be used in everyday situations, like placed on a table where drinks are present or worn outdoors.

myRogerMic app gives control
With the myRogerMic app you can control your Roger On remotely. It allows you to:

    Steer the direction of the beam(s) towards the persons you want to listen to
    Change microphone mode
    Mute / unmute
    Check current device status such as battery level and actual microphone mode

myRogerMic app can be used on smartphones with Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BT-LE) capability and is iOS® Version 13.0 or newer and Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified Android devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Android OS 7.0 or newer.

(Please note the Roger On does not support Bluetooth phone calls or audio streaming. You can listen to music by connecting to a device using the audio lead supplied.  If you need to be able to make Bluetooth phone calls you may wish to consider the Roger Select transmitter.)

The Roger On is supplied with: Roger On transmitter, docking station, optical audio cable, analogue audio cable, lanyard (neck cord), case and User Guide.
UK Power Supply: 100 – 230 V ac 50-60Hz.

Phonak part no. 056-3011-P5010 (champagne), 056-3011-P7010 (graphite grey)