Phonak Roger MyLink Receiver - 03 version



Product Overview

Worn around the neck, the Phonak Roger MyLink is an inductive neckloop receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant that has a telecoil or loop setting. It’s designed to work alongside a variety of Roger wireless microphones, including the Roger Select, Roger Touchscreen, Roger Pen and also the Roger Clip microphone so audio can be streamed to your hearing aids. What’s more, the integral headphone socket enables the Roger MyLink when used with one of the Roger microphones, to act as a complete hearing system by channelling audio directly to a pair of headphones. Depending upon the severity of your hearing loss you may not need to wear hearing aids at all to receive an excellent sound. The Roger MyLink represents an excellent budget option. For a more discreet device, you may wish to look at the a Roger Design-Integrated Receivers or Roger X receiver.

Phonak have been producing innovative hearing solutions for the last seventy years. Their wealth of experience means they have grown into a global manufacturer with an enviable reputation for producing quality, affordable technology that can make a real difference to daily life.

If you are unsure of which receiver you need for your hearing aid, we recommend you contact us for further information.

Features :

  • Compatible with all hearing instruments featuring a Telecoil
  • To be used alongside a Roger microphone from Phonak
  • Range of up to 20 meters
  • Up to 10 hours of operating time
  • Easy to use On/Off and Volume control buttons
  • Headphone socket stereo jack 2.5mm
  • Indicator light
  • Dimensions : 27 x 13 x 65mm
  • Weight : 43g
  • Two year warranty

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