• Doro 8050 Smart Phone
  • Doro 8050 Smart Phone
  • Doro 8050 Smart Phone
  • Doro 8050 Smart Phone

Doro 8050 Smart Phone


Product Overview

Always dependable ­– always there. The Doro 8050 is the smartphone you can rely on to make staying in touch with family and friends simple and enjoyable. The result of years of experience working closely with seniors to ensure our products and services meet your specific wants and needs, the Doro 8050 truly is the simply easy Android smartphone. Not only does it offer loud and clear sound, as well as an excellent visual experience and easy to use camera for taking and sharing great photos. It also features an intuitive interface to simplify everything you want to do – especially helpful if you’re new to Android. And Doro's signature assistance button means help is always within reach, providing peace of mind for both you and your relatives. It is also durably built in case you accidentally drop it – simple, easy and safe.

While other brands like to talk about stunning displays, amazing cameras or the latest technology with the cool new name, we like to talk more about simplicity. That’s what our fans – people who feel the effects of ageing but remain young at heart – really want. It’s why “EASY” is the key building block in every Doro’s DNA, shaping every detail into a phone you’ll love – including the ability to take great photos and to enjoy them on a big, beautiful screen. They’re also expertly tuned to suit the more mature ear.


Doro brings you much more than a great smartphone. Our unique services enable trusted relatives or friends to quickly and easily manage important settings on your phone, all via an app installed on theirs. These services also keep your support network close. Just one press of your phone’s assistance button sends an alarm with your location to a list of people you rely on, sounding a loud, distinct signal on their phones even if placed in ‘Do not disturb’ mode. More peace of mind for you, and for them.


Eva is Doro’s patented, intuitive and action-based interface that makes using Android even easier. Users never need to look around for things they can’t find. Eva simply gives them a few clear choices, and then does what the user wishes based on their response. And because she’s designed by Doro, Eva makes the technology fun, available and easy for both long-time users and those who are new to Android. Together with Google Assistant, they’re the perfect team.


Using a smartphone for the first time can be daunting. That's why the Doro 8050 shows a step-by-step guide when you first turn it on. It helps you with everything from finding the best settings for your hearing and vision, to connecting with the internet and accessing your Gmail account. It also offers quick and easy tutorials for first-time smartphone users. Assuring and stress-free, it’s the perfect start to a new friendship.

Technical Inforamtion

  • Network Speeds: 4G
  • +35dB Max Amplification
  • Rear Camera Quality: 13 Megapixel
  • Front Facing Camera Quality:5 Megapixel
  • Screen size: 5.45 Inches
  • Screen Resolution:1440x720 Pixels
  • Processor Type: Qualcomm QM215
  • Processor Speed: 1.3GHz
  • Onboard Storage: 16GB
  • SIM card type: Nano SIM
  • Charging Cable Type: Micro USB
  • Device Status: Unlocked

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