• Doro 6620 mobile phone
  • Doro 6620 mobile phone
  • Doro 6620 mobile phone
  • Doro 6620 mobile phone

Doro 6620 mobile phone



Product Overview

This Doro 6620 mobile phone comes supplied with charging cradle.
The keyboard allows for easy calling and messaging as a consequence of the easy to use keys. The keys have ample separation and are easily distinguishable due to higher contrast. The device has a large 2.8 inches screen. This allows users to easily and quickly take pictures. Moreover, the device is equipped with a Hearing Aid Compatibility. Additionally, there are convenient shortcut keys for both camera and messages. There is also an assistance button with GPS positioning. As a result, loved ones stay at peace in cases of emergencies. 

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use clamshell phone with 3G (can connect via both wifi and mobile data).
  • HD voice technology allowing extra loud and clear sound
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility so that, even in noisy environments, users can hear and be heard
  • Assistance button located on the back of the device with GPS positioning
  • 2.8-inch main colour display
  • Large and well-separated high-contrast keys

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