Dry-Brik Dessicant


Product Overview

Dry–Brik II Desiccant

Use with the Dry & Store unit to remove the moisture from the sound processor. This product has a colour indicator which indicates when the product must be replaced. Three replacement dessicant briks for the Dry and Store Global, and Zephyr hearing aid dehumidifiers. Each brik contains a more aggressive sorbent to absorb damaging moisture, eliminate odor and dry earwax. Each brik features a place to write the date the Dry–Brik is placed in service. The dessicant should be replaced every 2 months.

The Dry–Brik II is a molecular sieve, which is a much more aggressive desiccant than silica gel. It has two important functions: (1) to permanently remove the moisture molecules that are released from the devices during the warming cycle and (2) to drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, thus maximizing the drying capability.


Technical Details

Contains a more aggressive sorbent with much greater moisture–adsorbing capacity
Dry-Brik II works with all dry and store models

Remove the foil cover to activate the Dry-Brik

Once activated, the Dry-Brik should be changed every 2 months for maximum effectiveness

Write the date of activation in the area provided on the Dry-Brik as a reminder of when it needs to be replaced

The Dry–Brik II is packaged in 3 packs which gives you a 6 month supply

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