LA90 Portable Induction Loop



Product Overview

The LA90 Portable Loop System provides a convenient solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to conversation in noisy situations via the “T” or loop program of their hearing aid.

It can be used in reception areas, meeting rooms, interviews, checkouts, anywhere a one–to–one conversation needs to be held in either a noisy area or where discretion is required. It could also be used in a meeting room for one hearing aid wearer to hear a group of people using additional microphones.

This unit will help with your DDA compliance.
A built–in microphone within the unit picks the sound up of the person needing to be heard and transmits a loop signal to the hearing aid user. The speaker and hearing aid user need to be within approximately 1m(3ft) of the unit. The hearing aid user will see a confidence light on the front of the unit to show them the system is operating. The speaker will see an indication of their voice being transmitted.

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