Signolux Direct/Phone Universal Transmitter



Product Overview

With the Signolux direct/phone universal transmitter, you can be alerted quickly to phone calls or, through hardwired connections, to doorbells and a range of home alarms. Signolux accessories, including a mains power adapter, are available.

Key benefits

  • Never miss another phone call with this battery-powered transmitter
  • Connects directly (hardwires) to doorbells and alarms such as door/window contacts, floor-pressure mats and water-level detectors
  • For total peace of mind use with other Signolux accessories , including mains power adapter.

Please note:

  • The Signolux universal transmitter does not work on its own. It must be linked to a Signolux receiver, such as the Signolux visual signal alert system receiver (available separately).
  • Only one connection can be used per transmitter at any time.

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