Doro Secure 580 mobile phone


Product Overview

This phone is great for an elderly relative or someone who struggles to use a conventional phone or to remember phone numbers.

There is the option to create a ’Whitelist’ where the phone will only accept incoming calls from pre-approved numbers. This is an important feature for vulnerable individuals or those who receive a lot of nuisance calls.

Feel even safer thanks to an assistance button and a safety timer that can automatically dial up and send an SMS alarm to pre-set numbers, along with GPS localisation information to let people know where you are.

In the opinion of our evaluation panel, this unique phone has loads of fantastic features. We particularly like the ability to create a Whitelist to restrict incoming nuisance calls. You can also set up an auto–reply for received text messages which tells people that the phone cannot send outgoing messages, plus the Safety Timer which gives peace of mind to vulnerable people who still want to live independently.

A recommended choice for people with visual impairment or memory loss.

Due to it's robust design and well spaced, tactile buttons, the Doro Secure 580 is ideal for people with visual impairment, memory loss or who simply struggle with handling conventional mobile phones.



Technical Details

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