PocketTalker with Neckloop



Product Overview

This portable amplifier is designed to help you hear conversations and other sounds (like the TV) more clearly when using your hearing aid. This is how you use it:

- Put the neckloop over your head like a necklace and plug it into the Pocket Talker. Conversations will be amplified by the Pocket Talker and the sound will be transmitted directly to your hearing aids by the neckloop.

- Simply switch your hearing aid to the T setting and point the product in the direction you want to listen. It will amplify the sound you want to hear and reduce the background noise from everywhere else.

The tone control function allows you to adjust the bass and treble of the sound so it suits your particular hearing loss.

The Five year warranty on the amplifier demonstrates the quality of this equipment.


Tone control
Five-year warranty on the amplifier only
Choice of neckloop, over-ear earpiece, single earphone or headphone connection
Noise cancelling function
Battery powered - 2 x AA batteries giving approximately 100 hours use
Five year warranty on the amplifier
Good pick up range from microphone
Handy belt-clip case
Wide range of accessories

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