Doro Memory Plus 319i Phone


Product Overview

Especially helpful for people with limited dexterity or cognitive impairments thanks to an ergonomically designed keypad, photo buttons, handset and sure slide cradle.

Also suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss
Comfortable, ergonomically designed grip
Easy to use – just lift and press
Handset volume amplified by up to 35 dB


4 one–touch photo memories
Redial last number
Loud receiver volume with slide control
HAC – hearing aid compatible
Loud ringer with adjustable volume and ringer off
9 ring tones
Visible ring indicator
High contrast, concave keys with low reflective finish
Robust base unit for greater stability
Comfortable handset
Easy to clean surfaces
Low profile front to reduce strain

Technical Info

Receiving minimum level (dB(A)): 88
Receiving maximum level (dB RLR): -35
Receiving maximum level (dB(A)) 123
Maximum receiver output level (dB(A): 125
Tone adjustment at 250Hz (dB): 6
Tone adjustment at 4KHz (dB): 12
HAC level sensitivity at 1KHz (dB-A/M): -23
Maximum ringer volume (dB(A)) at 1 meter: 91
Lowest ringer centre frequence (Hz): 700
Highest ringer centre frequence (Hz): 2000

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