Tinnitus CD - Sound of the Sea



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People with tinnitus often find noise to be more intrusive in a quiet environment. Sound therapy can help by reducing the contrast between tinnitus and silence, helping the auditory system to become less tuned into tinnitus. The sound of the sea coming in on a pebble beach is also a useful, calming aid to relaxation, which in itself can be very helpful for people. It can be used as a way to wind down during a stressful day, as an aid to falling asleep at night, or simply as a pleasant background sound to accompany everyday activities.

The Sound of the Sea on Deal Beach

was produced by Andy Horne of Swerve Digital Audio in Deal, Kent. Andy originally came up with the idea of digitally recording the sound of the sea for a friend of his with tinnitus who was given a rather poor quality cassette tape of sea sounds, by the local hospital.


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