iPhone Dual Ear Hook


Product Overview

NOIZFREE - iPhone Dual Ear Hook

Ear Hooks offer clear phone conversations for hearing impaired users, without feedback and distracting background noise, since the inductive loop is located in immediate proximity to the hearing aid receiver.

These NoiZfree iPhone ear hooks provide a great alternative to conventional headphones, offering hearing aid and cochlear implant users clear audio without feedback and distracting background noise. Specifically designed for use with iPhone's. 

Just plug these ear hooks into your device and position the silhouette along side your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor.  Simply switch the hearing instrument to "T" or "MT" position to activate the telecoil and adjust the device's volume and hear what music and sound should really be like.

NoiZfree Mobile's light-weight, silhouette style, inductive ear hooks provide superior signal strength for hearing impaired T-coil (telecoil) users - a great alternative to neck loops and headphones. Because the inductive ear hooks sit behind the ear, you won't experience awkward variations in signal strength (due to changes in T-coil orientation caused by head movement) that can be a problem with neck loops.

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