Bellman Visit Alerting System Bridge - 433MHz to 868MHz


Product Overview

The Bellman Visit Bridge allows you to use Visit products that operate on the 433 MHz frequency range together with Visit products that operate on the 868 MHz frequency range.

As a guide, if you have a Bellman pager system purchased in the UK prior to 2006, it will be operating on 433MHz. Systems purchased since 2006 will operate on the current 868MHz frequency. 

The Bridge communicates in both directions between the frequencies and it is equipped with a test button for easy installation.


  • Two-way conversion - conveys signals in both directions
  • Mains-operated - minimizes the maintenance
  • UK Plug 100-240V 50/60Hz 
  • Battery backup included - keeps it working during power loss 
  • Adjustable radio key - allows for multiple systems in one area
  • Operating range - Visit 433 is 80m & Visit 868 is 200m, clear line of sight
  • 868 MHz 
Inside the box: 
BE1520 Bridge, UK power adaptor, rechargeable battery, screws & plugs and user manual.

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