Sound Oasis Travel Relaxer



Product Overview

A lightweight, portable tinnitus sound therapy system for traveller's. Includes special sounds to help with jet lag, a fully functional alarm clock and a voice memo feature.

The S850 Sound Oasis Travel provides effective sound therapy to relieve the audible symptoms of tinnitus and reduce the stress that can make tinnitus worse.

Key Benefits:

  • Choose from 18 relaxing therapy sounds to soothe your tinnitus
  • Includes a sound specifically developed to help your body adapt to new time zones
  • Dual time display to show local time as well as the time at home
  • Fully functional alarm clock, that can wake you with alarm buzzer, tinnitus therapy sounds or a custom pre-recorded message
  • Voice memo option for recording your own custom alarm sound or memo
  • Timer option 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Headphone connection for headphones or pillow speakers
  • Can be battery powered (requires 4 x AA batteries)

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