ProGuard Lin–Ear Music Ear Plug PR20


The ProGuard Lin-Ear Music Ear Plug PR20 filters fit comfortably into standard and small-sized soft, flexible silicon ear tips that are comfortable and long-lasting even after extended use. Because the earplug is unobtrusive and has no protrusion, the user can wear headphones or other types of headgear as needed. It fits snugly into the ear canal.

The Lin-Ear PR20 is specifically intended for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, concertgoers, and music aficionados to listen to loud music in excellent clarity while maintaining the live atmosphere without risking hearing loss. The innovative membrane technology acoustic filter in the PR20 will give natural, undistorted sound with minimal occlusion effect commonly associated with earplugs. The Lin-vented Ear's design allows trapped sound to escape through the acoustic filter as if your ear were open, providing the most authentic sound available.

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